Cam to cam with no registration

But the owner of one camera company, Windshield Witness of Maryland, said increasing numbers of drivers told him they bought one for their own protection.

"Fifty percent are buying one before they have an accident and 50 percent are buying one after they've had an accident," said Dewey De Vane, Windshield Witness owner.

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If you get in an accident, it shows good proof." On Nov. While experts said dash cams here haven't hit the kind of popularity that they have in Russia, where one third of the drivers have one in their vehicles, use of dash cams is increasing here for similar reasons.

6, Tukhtin's dash cam showed two traffic cones set up across the highway. Fearing the worst, Tukhtin drove off and called the state police. "From an insurance standpoint, they could be used to clear-up accident and hit and run claims as an objective observer in a crash instead of the "he said, she said" account," said Tracy Noble, a AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman.

The motion detection range is the distance from the camera that the camera will sense motion and be activated.

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After his cameras were featured in a motor home blog, sales to those motorists also spiked, De Vane said.

There are many different factors that affect battery life including the brand of battery, temperature, amount of pictures taken and day vs. The exact life of batteries is no possible to quantify.

The flash range is the distance that you will be able to see in the picture when a picture is taken using the flash.

"People got in the cab, saw the dash cam and got out," they told him.

Windshield witness sells two models online priced at 8.58 and 0.58.

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