Cyber wanking chat rooms

Some who were favorable to "cyber-masturbation" mentioned tiring of it rather quickly after they first tried it.

For those with web-cam setups, some of the anonymity issues go away.

This chat room is for flirting and finding someone to chat with (IM or web cam). On passe notre vie entire s'inquiter de l'avenir, essayer de connatre l'avenir...

No sexual talk in this chat, you can do that elsewhere. Comme si savoir l'avenir aller pouvoir amortir le choc. L'avenir est le lieu de nos plus grandes peurs et de nos espoirs les plus fous.

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Another described trading erotic e-mail messages with his girlfriend.

Still others described using a video camera in a videoconference scenario.

[Notes: There appear to be different ways to "cyber" with another person.

Some responses favored "cybering" with another person, saying the experience enhanced their orgasms. People who enjoy "cybering" described how the illusion of parallel sexual activity enhanced their experience of masturbation and orgasm.

They tended to accept the relative anonymity of the Internet as either of no consequence, or as a tool to let them "try on" roles that otherwise might be unacceptable, such as cross-dressing or coming on to people whom they thought were older.

- age 24, Connecticut I've "cyber-masturbated" with my girlfriend over e-mail.

It wasn't much more than written-down phone-sex — just telling each other what we were doing, and what we'd like to be doing. We would have about 5 going at any given time just so there would always be something new in the mailbox when we'd finished typing.

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