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She helps them escape after James goes missing and the Overseer wants answers, and in their absence becomes leader of a dissident faction of residents that want to explore the idea of opening the Vault to outside interactions.The father of Wally, Stevie and Susie Mack and eventual Overseer of Vault 101 if the current Overseer dies.(Though you may want to keep some of those.)Garza is a quiet and mysterious man, who has devoted himself to helping Doctor Li in anyway he can.Mostly by helping move lab equipment and assisting with maintenance.After hiring some people to fix up the place, he moved in and the hotel eventually become a small town, with its own security force, power generator, walls, and merchants. Currently, he's working on taking care of this ugly looking town on the horizon with the live nuclear bomb in the middle of the town.Regardless, it still functions as a hotel, and all but Tenpenny's friends (and guards) must pay to get into the most luxurious place in the wasteland. The Lone Wanderer first encounters him in Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton, where Burke is trying to find someone to help him with that.The head of the police/security force at Rivet City and a member of the three person council that runs the settlement (with the other two being Doctor Li, who runs the science section, and Bannon, who runs the merchant section).He's something of a Walking Spoiler for a major questline, so read on and consider yourself warned.

They also have their own police force standing guard and patrolling the city, adding yet another blanket of safety for its civilians.

As it turns out he is the one who gave the android his reconstruction surgery, and will even modify the Lone Wanderer's looks after the quest is done.

An old man and curator of "capital preservation society," a museum/his private collection of American artifacts and documents in Rivet City.

Because in Vault 101: no one ever enters, and no one... He was a good father for most of his life, but when his child turned 19, he left the vault, throwing the residence into chaos.

It's implied that she was the emotional driving force behind Project Purity and remains so for James long after her death. Afraid of losing control, he exercises complete control over everyone in the vault, and enforces the rule that "no one ever enters and no one ever leaves." His only soft spot is his daughter, Amata.

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