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If he wasnt white he would have been like every other... A high-speed Amtrak train derailed onto Interstate 5 between Tacoma and Olympia Monday, blocking all southbound lanes. Some years ago I damaged one of my front teeth falling on an icy road. The House passed it yesterday and the Senate after that. Not so awesome when I realized what actually took place.Alright, I'm not new to this, I'm not a dyed in the wool believer, but I'm not a skeptic either. This about somes up the entire sjw, Democractic and "liberal" movement in a single snapshot. Welcome to liberalland where you can take from others to fulfill your own dreams! We have a free market, you want to donate more of your money to support... A couple of weeks ago I foolishly turned a tap on a compressed air cylinder and got hit on the same tooth by the metal fixing on the end of the short hose. Then the House had to pass it again today due to some legal "oversights". Here are the facts: Current 2016 Taxes (Paid this year): Trump Plan: This is what happened when the HOUSE made THEIR changes: Annnnd finally, this is what happened when the SENATE got their grubby...She is going to be back on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show runway after missing last year to become a mum.But Candice Swanepoel, 29, put herself truly back in the spotlight as she posed in a series of racy lingerie sets to tease a glimpse of the Shanghai catwalk collection.

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Young and love to giggle but can take that fat cock of yours in every hole. You pull your arm back as I cry for you not to and you swing down with all your might, and when your hand meets my ass it lets out a thunderous SMACK… You can talk to me about how much you love to wank to girls every chance you get or your lawful good paladin who never commits a crime and saves everyone with his mighty great sword.Parading her sensational figure, the South African born beauty tossed her head back and let her sunny golden curls cascade down to her incredibly tiny waist.The mum-of-one ensured all eyes were well and truly on her ample assets as the slinky garment was decorated with intricate floral embroidery.“Is it our goal to increase return to our shareholders... I can't say for sure at all, but my vote goes towards an ancient, eroded complex of some kind. New rules implemented on Twitter Monday have led to the suspensions of accounts belonging to prominent neo-Nazis, white nationalists and other far-right extremists.Laura Loomer on the loose with some more "reports" about the Las Vegas Shooting Oct 1st. Looking at it, it very well could be an ancient temple complex with a sphinx. “You may not make specific threats of violence or wish for the serious physical harm, death,...

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