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'ISIAC' is always excellent, and I enjoyed 'That Mitchell and Webb Sound'.

'Down The Line' is always good for a laugh at the weekend, and the recent transmission of 'Recorded for Training Purposes' was hilarious; comparable to the equally-as-funny ''1966 an' all That''.

All the way, i've loved him for ages, i have 3 of the DVDs and think that he's simply brilliant in whatever context.

it is a shame you cant see him licking the stage on radio though! Love Always Lizz X*X*XWhat the comments here imply is (1) that comedy is very personal and the BBC should be applauded for providing such a wide range of often innovative programming. Personally, I think Mighty Boosh, Down the Line, and Count Arthur Strong are the pick of the recent stuff with ISIHAC and Just a Minute being perrennial favourites (ISIHAC was what got me hooked on Radio 4 in the first place). By the time I was listening 'The Goon Show' and 'Round the Horne' were broadcast as repeats, but made me hysterical with laughter.

And yet, incredibly, this rubbish seems to be what the public wants!

How typical it was, that the only part of 'On the Hour' that was unbearable was actually allowed to become a cringe-making tv series in its own right. I really enjoyed the show called "The unbelievable truth".

It was written, presented and produced by names familiar from the same august stable as many other Radio 4 greats.

There was one about a Lord and his butler who had to find various jobs that I thought was hilarious, but can I remember the name of it? How typical of the BBC to fix the vote before we even start.

With the possible exception of On the Hour - which really was ground breaking stuff, the remaining programmes all have the same repetitive format that has plagued radio and TV 'comedy' for some years.

I cannot see a single comment on here about The Mighty Boosh, which is the freshest and funniest thing I ever heard, and has me in stitches every time I listen to the shows.

And unlike some shows mentioned here, it also transferred well to BBC3.

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